Products and Services

Services and Products:

Mouse and BooBoo watching their video!

Full workup of your body/mind energy system with vibration healing session emailed to you, with recommendations for your healing process- $175

Follow ups, after first session, within 2 months, $125 each,  and/or multi session discount (sign up for 3 within three months)  $125ea.

Specific focus or goal session, after first workup $125

Home or property analysis and clearing- $125

Find your best Geographic location- $75

For our special animal friends: a full workup, best foods and healing video session- $75  ( for sessions for rescue critters, just make a donation to a humane animal org.!)

Your Perfect Healing Foods program, tested specifically for your highly beneficial, neutral and toxic foods and supplements as well as the best exercise for you- $125

Session in a Bottle: Vibrational medicine tincture made up for you, $45, plus $5 shipping for out of towners, in the 50 states- out of country, depends on postage.


Courses- call or write for more information!

  • Huna stone casting to align your mind for your goals
  • How to dowse or self test so you can determine your best foods and life decisions
  • Avatar mini courses for putting you back into your center for a deliberate life