Healing Strategies


The goals for healing strategies are:

Neutralizing or reprogramming  unhealthy cells without harming other cells, healing the whole system and establishing a high level of well being, by:

1.  Eat clean protein and fats diet (seed, avocado, nut and pure fish oil is part of that strategy as well as cutting out unclean meats, dairy and eggs); avoiding high glycemic and all sugars while eating a healthy, season appropriate, plant based, high medicinal quality, organic food diet and drink fresh, purified water..lots of it!

2.  Balance the body and so that it communicates to it’s cells without static or confusion.. so the healing process is activated- notice negative thoughts and clean them up! Exercise your brain and body in healthy ways.  Keep your body clean and healthy- get dental work, get your hormones checked and keep your spine aligned.  Listen for signals that your body/mind is out of balance, make corrections that you can do yourself and get assistance from your health care providers, when you need.

3.  Enhance your lifestyle so that you are putting more energy in the bank than taking out of the bank, creating the biosphere for optimal healing..needed even more-so when in crisis or disease.  So, evaluating where stress is happening and making changes…AT ALL COSTS!   Listen to how you feel when evaluating a choice..if you get a sinking feeling when thinking about it, don't do it or at least, become aware of and work with the reason you "think" you need to do it, and work on letting go of that.  If it brings a feeling of excitement and joy, do it!   The more of the joy choices you make, the more healing bucks in your bank.

4.  Clearing out all toxic burdens in daily life, i.e. ridding your pantry, personal care and  home products of toxic, artificial, anti-life ingredients- read labels!   Also,  watch any overuse of stressors, both emotionally and in the electromagnetic category,  i.e.  limit use of cell and cordless phone signals and be careful of where you carry on your body- turn off wireless signal at night; limit TV and computer, especially 2 hrs before bedtime.  Check your home for electromagnetic interference or radon.  There are practitioners that do this- ask me.

5.   Put lots of self care in the bank;  go for a hike in nature and fresh air; do things that you love on a regular basis; get massage and other health restoring treatments regularly; get rid of all things that you do not love..clean the closet!  Take time for lots of gratitude and feeling the things and people you love- program your cell phone to alert you every hour to practice;  do activities that serve others.  By your daily actions and commitments, show and tell your inner self that you are more important than your wordly pursuits and attachments-just like you would show your child, loved one or pet.

6.  Healing is hugely accentuated by deep meditation: take a class to learn how; listen to tapes, (I just dated myself!),  practice moving meditation through chi-gung, tai chi , yoga..find a practice that suits you and immerse in it.  Find a system that identifies your subconscious beliefs that are running programs that you are not desiring and that are causing unhappiness harmful habits, and replace with new beliefs.  The Avatar training is my favorite for this, www.starsedge.com

7.  A good nights sleep (and naps, too), are critical to healing.  Practice good pre-sleep habits, avoiding computer and tv for 2 hrs before sleep.  Avoid food and drink 4 hrs before bed, except maybe some sips of water or sleep tea.  Take most supplements earlier in the day.  No caffiene after noon, or avoid all together if you have sleep issues. Do a little taichi before bed and listen to relaxing music or meditation recordings.  Clear your mind of all daily issues and go to sleep with gratitude in your heart!

8.  Confront your emotional stressors and know yourself.  Get help if needed.  Read inspirational materials to re-calibrate your well being and multiply the amount of time spent doing all of the above until you carry that well being automatically!