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Dr. Richard Newman, DC, Alaska/Mexico;

"I am pleased to offer my recommendation for the knowledge and skill of Kristin Domela of Homer Alaska.  Kristin and I have had an active professional relationship for two decades, of mutual patient referral, collaboration and "on-the-edge" holistic conceptual and  methodological interchange. In fact,  Kristin, a certified instructor in several modalities of Natural Health, essentially was my guide into holistic health care.  She has, in this latter phase of her career, evolved and combined her extremely sensitive intuitive gifts and facility, with knowledge and experience of standard techniques and therapies - including everything from complete musculo-skeletal assessment,  nutrition and botanical, meridian evaluation, subtle energy therapies (homeopathy, flowers, gems, essences), allergy and intolerances, to emotional pattern clearing.  Thus  creating a therapeutic system, BodyIntuit, that  would be difficult to match!"

D.E.A., Reno, NV   12/12/2015
I am a 78 year old, active, retired, professional man who has experienced a range of minor to moderate physical issues over the past decade.  Using conventional/traditional medical care many of these had been largely unresolved. Some had not even been identified.
Kristin Domela of BodyIntuit, over the course of 2015, has been able to identify, help resolve and greatly improve these issues. They include a significant reduction in debilitating Sciatic pain; elimination of all four pharmaceuticals; increase in body strength and a significant increase in sense of well-being; elimination of hypothyroidism; significant lowering of PSA indexes; elimination of gout attacks; lowering of total cholesterol to “excellent” levels.
To me, her special strength has been seeing me as an integrated, interconnected, whole being. She excelled in uncovering dysfunctions, from posture, nutrition, diet, unhelpful lifestyle habits, skeletal and muscular issues and even emotional patterns and matters. She has an acute knowledge and understanding of consumer products that were likely contributing to physical problems without me realizing it.  She has an acute ability to test. She tests medications, supplements, products of any kind and then discerns which are better and which test as harmful, neutral or recommended. Her unique Harmonic Translations remote healing sessions worked well to improve physical, emotional and mental dysfunctionalities.

RW Germany
"Dear Kristin, I have received the analysis and the video and have already started, even with the exercise!  I am simply overwhelmed by all the actions you have taken.  This is really fantastic!  After reading your mail about all the ingredients that are integrated into my new video, I can understand that it is packed with most valuable and important messages that will influence my whole being and help me be more conscious of the process.  I have the impression that my health generally is more stable, my skin is better.  No more new outcroppings and I even have more energy which I need badly for traveling.  I try to follow up on all your suggestions.  Even eating salmon!
My digestion functions well and I figure that I have got rid of quite some ballast.
Already now I can feel that something is changing, I cannot say what it is, I am more relaxed and feel very well.  It's just great!  Thank you."

Vanessa Meleen Kulgoski- Venice Beach, Florida
"Kristin is simply amazing. She has helped myself, my husband, son and mom and even our dog with curing food allergies, diet choices, illness, injury, supplement choices, physician choices, geographical locations best suited for us... She can help with so many things to help get someone balanced, healthy and happy. Her vast knowledge of the body's systems-organs, energy lines, acupuncture, chiropratic, yoga and other exercises, supplements, foods as medicine, Bach flower remedies, homeopathics, essential oils (pretty much all modalties out there!), provides for a specific all encompassing protocol to heal physically and mentally.

Kristin's accuracy has been dead on. Every single time. I have many specific examples of her helping us but here is one: my infant son was having severe colic symptoms and she was able to pin point exactly what foods I was eating which were causing a reaction to the breastmilk. The result was happy baby, happy mommy! And she can help you from any location in the world-distance does not matter. Just an email or phone call and she can help. I consider her my on-call health practioner. Anytime our family is having a health crisis- we contact Kristin for advice and healing. And know with great confidence her answers and recomendations will be accurate, and the healing work she does energetically will heal us quickly. This may sound over the top- but I truly cannot imagine what our lives would be like without her. She is like a lifeline for me. My family and I are in such better health-and balance, because of her skills and knowledge. Kristin is simply the best!"

SD Anchorage, AK
"My friend Lydia introduced me to Kristin's programs.  Lydia had her most recent program on her phone and she played her video for me.  I was very intrigued and was playing close attention,  but within a minute or so I began to develop a headache.  I don't get headaches very often , so I knew this was a very powerful and highly individualized intervention.  
     I was introduced to my first personalized analysis and program a few months ago.  The analysis contained information about my childhood and about some health issues that I had not discussed in any way with Kristin.  Intrigued again, I eagerly pursued my program.  Within the first minute of viewing my video, I heard a "wonk wonk wonk" sound that made me laugh like a little kid. In an instant, I knew that the process would be right for me.
     I'm working on my second program now, and I am feeling immediate results.  Thank you, Kristin.”

GN, Alaska
I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in the the late 80's and was on sulfa medicaiton for several years.  I attempted getting off of the medication many times over a few years and the symptoms reappeared.  In 1997, I began treatment with Kristin, which consisted of muscle testing and holistic treamtments, with dietary and supplement guidlines as well as specific emotion and age identified memory clearing and lifestyle changes.  I  incorporated the holistic approach recommended by Kristin and discontinued the medication at the recommended timing in my analysis process that she designed for me and my symptoms were eliminated nearly immediately.  I have been free of Crohns since...

E. Scott, Denver, CO
"I was so grateful when Kristin Domela created a Harmonic Tranlation Session specifically for me. I was going through a very stressful time in which I had to make some big decisions. I was concerned that I would make poor choices out of fear and end up in worse circumstances than I was.
Kristin put together a video with instructions for me to watch once a day for 9 days. She recommended some vitamin supplement and specific thoughts to focus on while viewing the video. I took her advice and added a few rules of my own. I chose to not drink any alcohol for the 9 days, I always viewed my video twice a day and increased my water intake. I told myself that I would not make any decisions until I had completed the program. This alone gave me such strength and peace to know that I did not have to make a rash decision.
By the end of 9 days, less than 2 weeks, I found my thinking calm and clear. I knew what I wanted to do. I set the wheels in motion and all things fell right into place and there was smooth sailing from there on. I highly recommend exploring the Harmonic Translation Sessions for any area in your life where you feel the need for clarity."

Rondell Gonzalez, owner of Pyewackets Metaphysical Store,
"What an amazing, fun and enlightening experience! Thank you so much for your kind of workup.  Spot on in your information and direction and exciting realizations.  Blessings your way, today."

Mouse J., Homer, Alaska
"I watch my video in the car and follow Kristin's diet change, (yum!) and my itching goes away!