Harmonic Healing

Video Examples

Specific, individual sessions are not available for public viewing.  I have made over 200 of them in the past year and am excited about the results, combined with BodyIntuit testing systems with specific treatment recommendations.

The Harmonic Healing Translation System  is a computerized healing program using  Electronic Kinesiology and many other modalities in ancient and modern natural medicine.  From an emailed picture of you, your pet or property,  I use kinesiology, or "dowsing" and test through a data base of over 2000 "ingredients" ranging from emotions to herbs, acupuncture points, colors, sounds, homeopathics and much more, which are embedded in their holographic form and combined specifically to create your unique healing video.  The beauty of this is that it can be made from any distance!  Watching your video at recommended times and for specific dates, as well as following the recommendations that I test for you, is like having a daily healing session in person, and the changes happen gently as your body restores it's ability to heal itself.  

Jon Munroe, founder of New Science and the HT system, (see www.electronichealing.com), describes the HT system, as follows:

"The term harmonic translation refers to the literal translation of biological information into harmonic shifts of sound. Biological information becomes coded into the shift from one musical note to another. The information is not contained in the notes themselves but in the relationship of one note to the next.

To understand what harmonic translation is and how it works as a healing technology, we must first understand the basic concepts this technology is based upon.

First off is the idea of information as medicine or often simply called electronic medicine. Most of us are used to thinking of medicine as a substance. This could be an herb, a mineral a chemical or some biological material. Some of us are also use to thinking of energies as medicine as well. These energies could be in the form of light, sound, radio waves and so on.

When it comes to information, we are accustomed to thinking about it as being carried by a medium. Information written on a piece of paper or information carried on a radio signal. Only in the last few decades, with the advent of personal computers, have most of us been able for the first time to think of information as a thing all by itself. We hear constantly about information technology, we are told that we live in the information age, and now we come to information as medicine, a logical extension in these times of rapid innovation."
For more information and articles, please go to Jon Monroe's website listed above.

Also, for more information, here are some links:

See how a VET clinic uses this system for your animal friends and to better understand REMOTE TESTING: http://www.cchvs.com/index_files/Page293.htm

A case study of microencephaly treated with the HT system: http://www.academia.edu/8040238/Imprisoned_Splendour_The_Story_of_Camille


  • Measure energy values for all organs, organ systems and metabolic functions.
  • Find and measure energetic pathologies and toxicity anywhere in the body.
  • Test all known modalities to find the right approach for each person.
  • Test foods, supplements, and medicines.
  • Run any test for people or animals with direct electronic hookup to the body, from a small hair sample or photo (can be emailed).

Supplements -
Analyze the need for over 60 vitamins, minerals and food supplements.
Standard -
Analyze all organ systems, organs, parts and tissues of the physical body.
Separate stress and vitality readings can be taken for all body parts providing a deep scan of whole body functions.
Spinal -
Take vitality and stress readings on vertebrae, intervertebral disks and support structures.
Nutritional -
Analyze the bodies need for and stress reactions to over 180 basic foods.
Brain Cortexes -
Analyze 24 areas of the brain to determine levels of activity or dysfunction.
Chinese -
Analyze by element and meridian.
Chakras -
Take readings on the relative level of energy and degree of blockage in the chakras.

AND NOW, we are integrating the LUMINA program which accesses a nature of healing beyond the physical.
This includes many modalities such as Meditation enhancement and psychospiritual states, activation of Chakras and other subtle energies, sacred geometry and much more! 

A FOOD healing program can also be included, containing specific lists of medicinal foods as well as toxic foods.  The intention is to clear any resistance the body/mind has to either, thus clearing allergies and providing the ability to assimilate nutrients that the body is not programmed to accept.

There are several ways of delivering your treatment:

  • One, is to “broadcast”-  information can be broadcast as through radio waves.
  • Another, is in a remedy form, imprinted in water, with specific dosage integrated into your daily recommendations, suggested in your initial analysis.
  • The third choice is by direct connection to the program through a direct contact wrist band, while the computer runs the program.
  • And the last, is by watching your private video session on Youtube , where you can watch anytime on internet or download through a Dropbox link to your computer or mobile device.