About Me

...and my Experience

Kristin Domela, B.Msc., 

A  major focus of my life has been the study of health and metaphysics as well as searching for answers to my own health issues and life challenges.  After studying biology in college, I began formal studies in the late '70's in the art of Touch for Health Kinesiology, receiving several teaching certifications in various forms of the art while practicing at a healing center, chiropractic clinics and teaching at a school of Integrated Health Studies.  I have studied Huna, Dowsing, Touch for Health, One Brain, Educational Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Radionics and many other aspects of the healing arts, completing the extensive Master's and Wizards courses in the practice of Avatar which was a major turning point in my life.
I  recently integrated the Harmonic Translation program utilizing electronic kinesiology testing, making highly specific and specialized healing video sessions and vibrational remedies.  Drawing on this art, combined with the wide range of healing arts that I've studied, I put together a unique, comprehensive healing system, and BodyIntuit was created.  
Presently, my new endeavor is finishing my Master's in Consciousness studies while preparing a Phd. research project, using testing and the Harmonic translation videos with healing results. I've made over 250 of these programs and the results are exciting!
I love to work with teams to assist in your healing process and have worked with Naturopaths, Mental health professionals, Acupuncturists, Dentists and Medical Doctors, as well as many other modalities of natural healing; and as we are all unique, we will resonate with specific modalities of care,  which I will be testing for you, to find your perfect team.

Kristin Domela

My Experience

Present:       Harmonic Translation remote healing and consultations; Instructor: BodyIntuit systems                       
1999-2015   Windhorse Ranch development; Private practice; Holistic health survey instructor
1991-1996    Adjunct Teaching staff, Specialized Kinesiology, Gatekey School for Integrated Studies,
1988-1997    Private practice Specialized Kinesiology; Girdwood and Anchorage Alaska
1986-1988    Co-founder, Heart Center, Chiropractic and Specialized Kinesiology clinic, Alaska
1984-1986    Staff member, Specialized Kinesiology; Radiant Health Center, Anchorage, AK
1984-1996    Staff member, Specialized Kinesiology; Anchorage Neuro-Spinal Clinic, Anch., AK
Alaska Medicine Project, owner and practitioner
         1983    Chiropractic Assistant and Touch for Health practitioner; Dr. Bruce Kniegge, Anch., AK



Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B. Msc.
Metaphysical Practitioner Diploma

Ordained Minister with International Metaphysical Ministry
Harmonic Translation frequency medicine studies- currently working on research toward Phd  in this method combined with specific healing protocols 
Bioacoustics- Sharry Edwards, workshop, Girdwood, AK
Medicine for the Earth- Sandra Ingerman, Italy 
Ozark Research Institute- organization of Dowsing research, member
Sanjeevini -geometric distance healing system, practitioner
EFT- studies and usages
Avatar-1-3, Master's. Wizards  and Integrity courses 
Huna studies with Serge Kahili King, Hawaii
Crystal Healing- advanced study -Dr. Marcel Vogel Institute
5 Element Kinesiology- using muscle testing and Asian medicine theory
Jin Shin Jitsu- beginning course
JohRei- Japanese light channeling-  Rev. Gerry Nangle
Radiesthesia- the science and art of pendulum testing
Geopathic Stress Clearing- Christiane Hummel
Personology- applied behavioral genetics- Dr. Robert Whiteside
Diagnosis and Application of Vibrational Remedies- Steve Johnson
Structural Neurology- 3in1 Concepts, Burbank, Ca.
Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet- Dr. Gabriel Cousins
Hawaiian Cleansing Techniques- Dr. Glenna Wilde
Ishaya training, level 1 
Applied Behavioral Genetics-Under the Code- 3in1
Louder than Words- Applied Behavioral Genetics- 3in1
Swiss Therapies in breathing, movement and the Glandular system-Heinz Keim
Neurolinguistic Programming  
Hypnosis I/II- Nancy Swanson, MS
Astrology I- Nancy Swanson,MS
Healing Methods of Rev. Hannah Kroegar, MSD- Spiritual, Mental and Physical Analysis and Treatment/Radionics
Psychic Development- Christy Niebel
Bio-Kinesiology, applications in acupressure, homeopathy and emotions using Urine and Saliva          surrogate testing- Trevor Savage
Hypertonic Muscle Release- Frank Mahoney
ONE BRAIN- Three in One concepts, Beg., Adv. & Instructor training 
Allergy testing and corrction with Kinesiology- Dr. Jimmy Scott
Edu-Kinesthetics Beg.- Instructor training- kinesiology as applied to learning disabilities- Dr. Paul Dennison
Touch for Health, Beg-Instructor training
Iridology- Dr. James Vaigen, MD
Candida and effects of acedaldehyde on the brain, lecture- Steve Rochlitz, Phd
Kinesiology in the Chiropractic office- Gordon Stokes/Sheldon Deal, DC
Stress Release and BioKinesiology- Dr. Wayne Topping
Eating Healthy with the Seasons- lecture Elson Haas, MD
Natural Health Survey- Anchorage Community College
 Biological Sciences- Sierra Nevada College 
Graphic Arts- Career Center, Anchorage