Leading you gently to the health you were meant to enjoy

  BodyIntuit is a distance based, comprehensive analysis system consisting of a combination of modern Kinesiology testing, the ancient art of Dowsing and practice of Radionics to analyze body energy systems, locating and correcting imbalances that were both inherited and accumulated through unresolved life stressors, nutritional imbalances, structural mis-alignment and habitual life management issues which can lead to impairment of your natural self healing abilities. The application of this highly precise system will not only identify those areas but give specific feedback for the exact corrections needed to restore health and well-being for people, animals, as well as identifying issues around home and property- leading you gracefully to the life and health you were meant to enjoy.  This can be done REMOTELY, which is the beauty of the system- no location too far!

  I will also be using the electronic Harmonic Translation system and scanning for dietary imbalances, structural misalignment, acupuncture meridians, brain/body reflexes, emotional patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck as well as assessing many other aspects of your life.

   You will receive specific, easy to follow, steps that you can do on your own, tools to facilitate positive change, recommendations for other types of treatments that would be best for your healing,  a specific vibrational remedy sent to you by mail or broadcasted radionically, and a healing session, recorded for only you on a private youtube link. This can be done from any location and will usually take two hours of my time before I work with you on phone or email.  I also offer hands-on kinesiology testing and healing sessions when on location in your area.

  Simple and fun methods will be shared for getting you back into your center where the healing happens!

Other options that may suit you: 
  I will prepare a specific vibrational remedy, designed to be a healing session in a bottle! 
  If  you are interested in enhancing your health through nutrition, I will test the perfect foods, nutrients and your perfect body-type exercise,  specfically for your healing needs and goals. 
  Your property, home and geographic location can be a source of stress for you- I can analyze them using the same Intuition/testing methods and identify unhealthy aspects, making recommendations to bring them to a level of energy that will benefit your health, or help you decide where your best geographic alignment is for relocation or vacation.
  Our animal friends that are in our lives  reflect our imbalances, in service to us... I am happy and honored to work on them for free~ you may leave a donation if you like, or donate to your favorite organization associated with humane animal education.
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